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Activities for Youth
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Activities for Youth

Massachusetts Youth Activities Directory

Community centers, youth groups, museums, sports leagues, public parks, libraries, and other organizations in Massachusetts offer activities and programs for children and teens. The Massachusetts Youth Activities Directory includes a listing of the many types of activities available for Massachusetts youth, with web site links and program information.

To view the entire Directory, see Massachusetts Youth Activities Directory on MassResources.org.

The Directory includes:

  • Youth and community centers

    Youth and community centers offer many different activities for young people and families. Most have a variety of after-school and summer programs that may include sports and fitness, the arts, homework help, technology training, game rooms, health education, leadership training, camping, and teen centers. Many of these organizations offer one-on-one mentoring through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

    See Youth and Community Centers on MassResources.org.

  • Arts and crafts organizations

    Arts organizations offer a variety of activities for children and teens interested in the visual, performing, and literary arts. These include music lessons, theater groups, dance instruction, crafts education, and creative writing. Crafts centers and some history museums hold classes and workshops in traditional crafts such as ceramics, woodworking, blacksmithing, metalsmithing, glassblowing, and fiber arts.

    See Arts and Crafts Organizations on MassResources.org.

  • Science and nature centers

    Children and teens interested in science and nature can visit science museums and nature centers throughout Massachusetts and attend classes and special programs offered by these organizations. Science and nature centers may offer hands-on activities, nature walks, planetarium shows, live animal displays, summer camps, museum exhibits, volunteer opportunities, and special programs in the physical and natural sciences.

    See Science and Nature Centers on MassResources.org.

  • Sports and recreation programs

    Children's baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and other sports programs can be found throughout Massachusetts. Some of these programs are part of national organizations such as Little League or Pop Warner. Other sports and recreation programs are offered by local community centers, churches, and city and state parks and recreation departments.

    See Sports and Recreation Programs on MassResources.org.

  • Libraries and technology centers

    Public libraries throughout Massachusetts have children's book collections and special activities for children and young adults, including computer access. Some communities also have technology centers for children and teens interested in computers and other forms of technology.

    See Libraries and Technology Centers on MassResources.org.

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