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Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP)
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Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP)

For more information, see Fuel Assistance (LIHEAP) on MassResources.org.

What is fuel assistance?

Fuel assistance, also known as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), is a government program to help low-income people pay their heating bills during the winter. The Worcester Community Action Council (WCAC) is in charge of the Worcester fuel assistance program and related energy programs.

Am I eligible?

Fuel assistance is for low-income tenants and homeowners. Eligibility is based on household gross annual income. To be eligible, households must meet income limits. Renters can get fuel assistance even if heat is included in the rent.

Eligibility Check

The MassResources.org Fuel Assistance Eligibility Check is an easy way for you to find out if you are likely to qualify for fuel assistance. After you answer a short set of questions about your household, your heating costs, and your income, you will see the results of the eligibility check right away, on your computer screen.

What benefits will I get?

The amount of fuel assistance you will get depends on your income, your housing status, and your heating costs. See How much fuel assistance will I get? on MassResources.org for details. Tenants in subsidized housing get a reduced benefit. Some households qualify for extra help if their heating bills last year were very high. You may also be eligible for weatherization services, heating system repairs, and Citizens Energy heat assistance programs. In addition, most gas, electric, and telephone companies give discount rates to people receiving fuel assistance.

How do I apply?

The Worcester Community Action Council (WCAC) is in charge of the fuel assistance program for Worcester and surrounding towns. To apply, you should visit WCAC at 484 Main Street, 2nd floor, Worcester, MA 01608, or call 508-754-1176. See Worcester Benefit Office Locations - Worcester Community Action Council for more contact information.

You will need documentation of your income and heating costs when you apply. You may apply any time during the heating season starting November 1.

How do I use my benefits?

Once you are approved for fuel assistance, the Worcester Community Action Council (WCAC) will notify your heating company. The WCAC will pay your fuel assistance benefit directly to your heating company, unless your heat is included in your rent. You must pay any part of your heating costs not covered by fuel assistance. If you are eligible for weatherization, emergency furnace repair, Citizens Energy heat assistance, or utility discounts, the WCAC will explain how to get these benefits.

More information

More information about LIHEAP Fuel Assistance is on our statewide web site, MassResources.org. When you click on the link below, you will go to MassResources.org. Click "Back" on your browser to return to WorcesterResources.org.

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