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Residential Assistance for 
Families in Transition - RAFT

For more information, see RAFT on MassResources.org.
Please note  Funding for the RAFT program was cut in 2010. If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, you should contact RCAP Solutions at 1-800-488-1969 to see if other financial assistance is available. RCAP Solutions is the regional housing consumer education center that serves Worcester.

You may be eligible for benefits from the federally funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program (HPRP). The HPRP offers short-term assistance to pay for rent, utilities, or other approved expenses; and help finding and keeping permanent housing. For information, call the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance at 508-791-7265; the Worcester DTA office at 508-767-3100; or the DHCD Division of Housing Stabilization toll-free at 1-877-418-3308.

What is RAFT?

RAFT (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition) is a state-funded homelessness prevention program. RAFT helps families who are behind on rent, mortgage payments, or utility bills. RAFT also helps families who have to move but do not have enough money to pay a security deposit, utility startup costs, or first/last month’s rent. Families can get up to $3000 from RAFT.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, families must be homeless or facing homelessness and include a child under 21, or someone who is pregnant or disabled. The homelessness must be caused by an event that wasn't the family's fault, such as loss of a job or high medical expenses. The family must have limited income, but be able to pay their housing expenses after they get one-time help from RAFT. For income limits, see What are the income limits? on MassResources.org.

What benefits will I get?

Families can get up to $3000 from RAFT. The amount you get depends on your need. RAFT does not give cash to your family directly, but makes payments for you. RAFT money can be used for back rent or mortgage, utility payments and startup costs, security deposits, first or last month's rent, or other approved uses.

How do I apply?

To apply for RAFT, Worcester County residents should call RCAP Solutions, a regional non-profit housing agency, at 1-800-488-1969. For the RCAP address and web site link, see Worcester Benefit Office Locations - RCAP Solutions. Funding for RAFT is limited, and not all eligible families get help.

More information

More information about RAFT is on our statewide web site, MassResources.org. When you click on the link below, you will go to MassResources.org. Click "Back" on your browser to return to WorcesterResources.org.

•  Go to RAFT on MassResources.org

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