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  Glossary of Terms

Teen Parent Programs

What are teen parent programs?

Am I eligible?

How do I apply?

Teen parent programs in the Worcester area

Where can I get support services?

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What are teen parent programs?

Teen parent programs provide emergency shelter and support services for homeless pregnant teens or teen mothers, ages 16 to 20, and their children. These programs are funded by the Department of Transitional Assistance, HUD, other government agencies, and private sources. They are for young women who cannot live at home because of safety reasons.

The aim of the programs is to give young mothers the skills and support to provide for their children and be able to live independently. The programs provide:

  • shelter in group homes or shared apartments
  • child care
  • health care
  • parenting and life skills training
  • counseling
  • housing search assistance
  • education
  • transportation

Am I eligible?

For teen parent programs:

  • You must be a homeless pregnant teen or teen parent, ages 16 to 20.

  • There must be a good reason why you cannot live at home, such as drug or alcohol abuse, or violence towards you or your children.

  • For most programs, you must be eligible for TAFDC and be referred by the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). See TAFDC

  • While in a teen parent program, you must willingly attend school or job training, take parenting classes, and meet with your case manager on a regular basis.

How do I apply?

For most teen parent programs, you should call the Department of Transitional Assistance. You may also call the programs directly for more information.

  • Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)

    Address: 9 Walnut Street
    Worcester, MA 01608               Map and directions
    Telephone: 1-800-249-2007
    TTY: 508-792-7289
    Additional contact information: Benefit Office Locations - DTA

Teen parent programs in the Worcester area

  • Cambridge Street Teen Living

    414 Cambridge Street
    Worcester, MA 01610              Map and directions
    Telephone: 508-756-2396

    Eligibility: Homeless single teen mothers (ages 16 to 20) and their children. DTA referral is required.

  • Teen Living Program - YOU, Inc.

    321 Burncoat Street
    Worcester, MA 01606               Map and directions
    Telephone: 508-853-2487

    Eligibility: Homeless pregnant teens or teen mothers (ages 16 to 20) and their children. DTA referral is required.

    Web site: YOU, Inc. Teen Living Program

  • Teen Parent Apartment Program - YOU, Inc.

    23-33 Boylston Street
    Worcester, MA 01605               Map and directions
    Telephone: 508-853-2487

    Eligibility: Homeless pregnant teens or teen mothers (ages 16 to 20) and their children. DTA referral is required.

    Web site: YOU, Inc. Teen Parent Apartment Program

  • Florence House
    (Lutheran Social Services of New England)

    12 George Street
    Worcester, MA 01609               Map and directions
    Telephone: 508-799-2499
    Office hours: 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

    Web site: Florence House - Parenting Teen Living

    Eligibility: Low-income teenage mothers and their children. Teen parents must get a high school diploma or GED.

Where can I get support services?

The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy has information about many support services for teen parents. You can call their toll-free Teen Parent Benefits Access Line at 1-800-645-3750.

Teen parent support programs include Healthy Families Home Visiting Program, Teen Parent Child Care (TPCC), and others.

If you are in a teen parent living program, your caseworker will help you find the support services you need.

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