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Homeownership Programs
Section 8, MRVP, AHVP Vouchers
Privately Owned Affordable Housing
Public Housing
Foreclosure Prevention
Homelessness Programs
Supportive Housing & Long-Term Care
Household Goods & Services

Photo of several multi-family houses along a Worcester street

Worcester housing programs help low and moderate-income households find and pay for clean, safe, affordable housing in public or privately owned units. Rental programs include Section 8, MRVP, and AHVP rent vouchers; private subsidized housing; and public housing. Homeownership programs help families buy, keep, and repair single and multi-family homes.

Housing Programs

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Homeownership Programs

Homeownership programs help low and moderate-income Worcester families buy and repair single and multi-family homes. Worcester homebuyers may be eligible for low mortgage interest rates, down payment and closing costs assistance, mortgage insurance, lead paint removal assistance, and homebuyer counseling.

Section 8, MRVP, and AHVP Tenant-based Vouchers

Section 8, the Masssachusetts Rental Voucher Program (MRVP), and the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP) offer tenant-based vouchers to help low-income Worcester residents pay their rent. People with tenant-based vouchers can use their vouchers for any apartment they choose that meets the program requirements.

Use the Rental Assistance Eligibility Check on the MassResources.org web site to see if you might qualify for benefits. If you are a landlord who would like to know more about the Section 8 program, see the MassResources.org Landlord's Guide.

Privately Owned Affordable Housing

Privately owned affordable housing is low rent housing set aside for low and moderate-income Worcester residents. The government gives tax credits or subsidies (money) to housing developers. In return, the housing developers charge lower rents to eligible households. You can use the Rental Assistance Eligibility Check on the MassResources.org web site to see if you might qualify for benefits.

Public Housing

Worcester public housing is affordable government-owned rental housing for low and moderate-income families and individuals, seniors, and people with disabilities. Use the Rental Assistance Eligibility Check on the MassResources.org web site to see if you might qualify for benefits.

Foreclosure Prevention and Tenant Rights After Foreclosure

Foreclosure prevention programs are free counseling, mortgage modification, and mortgage refinancing programs that help you if you are in trouble with your home loan, or think you will be in trouble in the future. The programs sometimes make it possible for you to keep your home. Tenants in foreclosed buildings are protected by Massachusetts law and do not have to move out right away.

Supportive Housing and Long-Term Care

Worcester residents who cannot live safely on their own have many housing choices. These housing choices range from private housing with support services, to long-term group care facilities with full-time medical staff.

Household Goods & Services

Low-income, elderly, and/or disabled Worcester residents can get free or low-cost household goods and services to help them furnish their homes, repair their houses, remove snow from their sidewalks, or meet other household needs.


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