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11:00 AM
  Your site is very informative. It has answered several questions that I had. Thank you for having your site on the web.   Ophelia Snow
Georgetown, SC
12:18 PM
  Congratulations on a great site! Very informative! A great tool for everyone. Rhode Island needs one just like this.   Charlotte Roberts
Providence, RI
8:57 PM
  I am very pleased with what you are offering on this web site. I'm going back to Rhode Island to see if there is any resource like this back there. I sincerely hope so, because it is obviously what every community should have as an offering to the community. Thank you.   Robert Coffey
Warwick, RI

12:37 PM
  This page is very helpful. I am currently going to move to MA and I'm looking to see where to move, and from my research on this page, I think Worcester it is.   Lizbeth Rentas
Juana diaz, PR
11:05 AM
  I visited this site a couple of days back and found it to be a nice site. Nice in terms of its appearance, available facilities to navigate and all kinds of support to needy or helpless people which are mentioned on the site. I wish all the team members of this organization a very successful life and career for your future. Best regards   Ibrahim Qabool
Chitral, Other

AKES, P Chitral Pakistan
9:29 AM
  Very informative site. Looks like a very nice city. Every time I search for anything on the net for Worcester UK, I always get Worcester MA. Thought it was about time I checked it out. Regards   Stefan Meredith
Worcester UK, Other
2:33 PM
  This is a terrific use of technology. I always hoped it could be used to bring people closer together and to be of the best assistance to one another... I can't wait to show it to my wife who works for Highland County Children Services here in Hillsboro. Maybe we should dream toward something like it for our new neighborhood out here in Southwestern Ohio. Thanks!   Kevin Bruce
Hillsboro, OH

Southern State Community College
4:43 PM
  Very helpful information.   Silvia Peña
Bronx, NY

Community Base
11:56 AM
  Thank you this web site is very helpful. It helped me a lot on my decision. Thank you so much.   Denise Lopez
Bronx, NY
8:20 PM
  You have a wonderful website. Keep it up.   David
New York, NY
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