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2:02 PM
  Nice to have a website for resources...   Laura Arsenault
Worcester, MA
9:30 AM
  Wow Great resources! please e-mail me when new services become available!   Nicole Hazard
Worcester, MA

Human Services Volunteer
8:10 AM
  Very encouraging that in this age of cutbacks and the downsizing of programs for the poor, that there still exists organizations such yours that provide a lifeline for the most vulnerable and desperate of our citizens. Sites and resources such as this are a true godsend for the poor.   Melvin Punch
Worcester, MA
12:37 PM
  This page is very helpful. I am currently going to move to MA and I'm looking to see where to move, and from my research on this page, I think Worcester it is.   Lizbeth Rentas
Juana diaz, PR
4:43 PM
  Very helpful information.   Silvia Peña
Bronx, NY

Community Base
9:03 AM
  I found this site to be very helpful with information I was looking for.   Charlie Scioscia
Worcester, MA
11:15 AM
  Is a wonderful website with alot of resources.   Shamis
Worcester, MA
11:21 AM
  Wonderful web site! Found the information to be very enlightening.   Hillary
Phili, NJ
11:00 AM
  Your site is very informative. It has answered several questions that I had. Thank you for having your site on the web.   Ophelia Snow
Georgetown, SC
4:07 PM
  I am a Community Coordinator/Resident Services & Administrative Assistant. This is a very informative site. Congratulations!!!   Maylee Morales
Worcester, MA

Whittier Terrace
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