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9:29 AM
  Very informative site. Looks like a very nice city. Every time I search for anything on the net for Worcester UK, I always get Worcester MA. Thought it was about time I checked it out. Regards   Stefan Meredith
Worcester UK, Other
11:09 AM
  Nice web site. I was on it looking for any employment opportunities working with seniors - do you not have a help wanted section or did I miss it?
Reply: WorcesterResources.org is an information web site. We do not have Help Wanted ads. To search for a job, please visit JobQuest on the Massachusetts Division of Career Services web site.
Worcester, MA
9:53 AM
  I find the web site very helpful, I was looking for assistance for a friend with multiple disabilities, including medical, cognitive and even some drug problems. Due to the loss of his parents and left homeless when family couldn't be bothered. He displays the effort and will to improve his life, but didn't know where. As a member of my local disability commission, wasn't sure what organization would deal with a homeless, partially retarded and depressed man using cocaine. But your web site referred me to Community Healthlink. An organization that could provide immediate as well as long term services. Including counciling and the assistance to rehabilitation and work programs. Sincerly, Ms. Jacqueline Norton   Jacqueline Norton
Worcester, MA
2:30 PM
  This Website was very helpful to me and very informative.   Ervin Holder
Worcester, MA

8:39 AM
  I came across this website after seeking some information about some public services through our state and local government. It's rare to find such an easy-to-use, complete and informative guide to social services, which has always been frustrating, especially when all you end up with is a phone number that is always busy. This website put the services, agencies and various resources into the site, made the information quick to pull up, utilize and find answers through the well-written, clear language used in the services descriptions. In working in public service where the public we servce has questions and concerns, often at a difficult point in their life, and their ability to tolerate the stress and confusion in finding services can be so difficult to cope with---but this site really makes such information/services easy to understand and use. Thank you.   Frank A.
Worcester, MA
9:51 AM
  I was given this link by a friend, who I was talking to about my financial situation. After going through the website I found several areas that are helpful to me. This was great. Thank you.   Beatriz Hodge
Worcester, MA
10:08 AM
  This site is a wonderful tool for Resident Service Coordinators, like myself, to better assist those in need.   Susan Jackson
Worcester, MA

Whittier Terrace
11:22 AM
  Very Helpful, Very Informative and very easy to use.   Richard Roberts
Worcester, MA
4:07 PM
  I am a Community Coordinator/Resident Services & Administrative Assistant. This is a very informative site. Congratulations!!!   Maylee Morales
Worcester, MA

Whittier Terrace
4:20 PM
  Hello, Someone mentioned the Friendly House and I wanted to check it out to see what it was all about. I did and found that you can volunteer there. I would like to volunteer. I printed out the Vol.Opp. page and will give them a call. Thanks and have a nice day. Sincerely, Jean M 9/24/07   Jean Maresco
Worcester, MA

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